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Series 1: Speaking

Ep 1: Be Passionate - Suz Hinton

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For the very first episode, I'm joined by Suz Hinton (@noopkat) to discuss how to make an engaging talk and her effort to break out of the one topic she is known for.

Ep 2: No Code on Slides - Nolan Lawson

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How to make a talk without overwhelming the audience with technical details ? Nolan Lawson (@nolanlawson) shares his tips and tricks.

Ep 3: Talk as a Performance Art - Justin Falcone

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Could a conference talk be a performance? Justin Falcone (@modernserf) answers his approach to making his unique talks.

Ep 4: Going Viral - Ashley Williams

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What happens when one of your talk gets really popular ? Ashley Williams (@ag_dubs) shares here experience of becoming a popular speaker.

Ep 5: Speaking in English - Claudia Hernández and Evangelina Ferreira

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Burden of public speaking when English is not your native language.